HejjoKids /hey-yo kids/, in which, Hej means “hello” in Swedish and –jo from Johan&Johan. So we can explain HejjoKids as “Hello Johan&Johan’s kids”.
HejjoKids is all about premium baby and kid products from Europe, especially Sweden. is the official webshop, bringing all Johan&Johan Vietnam brands to parents.
The company group Johan&Johan was founded by the two Swedes – Johan Wikander and Johan Aledal. They first met in Shanghai and realized the huge demand for high quality products in fast growing Asian economies. The result is Johan&Johan Shanghai was created in 2009, following are Johan&Johan Hongkong and Johan&Johan Vietnam (2015). In Shanghai, Johan&Johan is cooperating with more than 30 brands from Europe. Johan&Johan Vietnam is the exclusive distributor of some leading brands of baby products from Sweden.We promise to constantly diversify our brand portfolio.




HejjoKids specializes in baby and kid products from Europe, especially Sweden. With us, parents can find products of high quality, clear originity and minimal but elegant designs.


HejjoKids will bring more and more premium brands to Vietnam for your parenting journey.


We operate business with market insights, business ethic values and local cultures.


BABYBJÖRN is a Swedish family-owned company. BABYBJÖRN has been working closely with pediatricians since its start in 1961 to develop “safe, high-quality products for children under 3 years of age, to make both children and parents’ lives easier.” Now available in over 50 countries, BABYBJÖRN is praised by families and pediatricians the world over. The products are ranging from baby carrier, bouncer, soft bib, feeding set, high chair, etc.With good funtions and highly support for improtant parts of a baby, BABYBJÖRN has passed all the safety standard in Europe Union and international Institute.

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Herobility is a sister company of Smartshake, a well-known brand for adult water bottles. Herobility creates innovative high-quality baby bottles and accessories to make life easier for babies and parents alike. Herobility means to be “be a hero”, because both parents and babies are real heroes. That’s why the logo is a hero mask! Swedish design and innovation for both you and your baby.

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